• Are You Buying Authentic Pandora Jewelry?

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    Pandora Jewelry is one of the most famous jewelry brands in USA, UK, Canada and other countries. The great thing about this brand is their unique designs, styles and using high quality jewelry materials. With the popularity of this brand, many counterfeit or look alike jewelry product sellers are also present in the market. They sell their jewelry by using the name of Pandora. Most of the times the fake Pandora jewelry is sold on auction websites. In this post we will give you some tips to spot fake Pandora jewelry and to make sure that you actually buy original and authentic Pandora jewelry.

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    Tip#1 – Find Marker’s Mark on Jewelry:

    On all Pandora Jewelry in USA you should check for letter “ALE” stamped on them. For other countries other maker’s marks are stamped on jewelry. Just make sure that Pandora jewelry you are buying has original marker’s mark stamped on it

    Tip#2 – Find Metal Quality Mark on Pandora Jewelry:

    On all Pandora jewelry products a mark is stamped to show the quality of metal used. For example all Pandora Jewelry Silver products are stamped with S925 where S stands for Silver and 925 stands for purity of silver which is 92.5%. Similarly all gold Pandora Jewelry items are stamped with either G585 or G750 where G stands for Gold, 585 stands for 14K Gold and 750 stands for 18K Gold.

    Tip#3 – Find Pandora Product Code:

    Each Pandora jewelry product has a unique product code. Before you buy any product, ask or find the unique code of jewelry. After that visit Pandora.net website and search for the product code. Now compare the product present online and the one you are buying. There should be no difference in shape, size and color etc. The original product will always be shiny, well polished, smooth and of high quality.

    Tip#4 – Always Buy From Authorized Pandora Jewelry Retailers:

    The best advice is that you should always buy products from authentic Pandora retailers only. If you want to find your nearest authorized stores visit our Pandora Bracelets store locator section.

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