• Brief History of Pandora Jewelry

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    Start of Pandora Company:

    PANDORA is a very famous brand of jewelry all over the world. This brand has got enormous popularity in last few years. The history of this brand is not very old. The company was established around 32 years ago, in 1982, in Copenhagen Denmark. At that time it was just a jewelry shop and was run by Per Enevoldsen and Winnie (his wife). This two persons team were hard working and the demand of their jewelry products was increasing day by day. Sooner they stopped their retail shop and focused on delivering products to wholesale companies in Denmark. This increased their business and work load and they made a bigger premise for their production.

    Pandora Jewelry logo image

    Logo of PANDORA Company

    Pandora Jewelry in United States:

    In 1987 they moved to Thailand and started making their own unique concept jewelry items. In 2000 they introduced a new bracelet type known as Pandora Charm Bracelet. This was a unique concept. They made the bracelets with changeable beads and charms. This product and concept became popular in Denmark. Due to increase in its popularity the Pandora business was also started in United States and Germany during 2003-2004.

    Pandora Jewelry After 2004:

    After that in very few years, the Pandora company was famous not only in Denmark but in USA, Germany and almost all European countries. They have their distributors or authorized retailers in almost countries of world. The production is done on massive scale in Thailand and Pandora jewelry products are then distributed to all customers of world through their official retailers and stores.

    Pandora Jewelry Today:

    Today, in 2014, the Pandora jewelry is sold in more than 70 countries all over the world. There are more than 10 thousand Pandora jewelry retailers all over the world. These retailers are usually third party stores that are allowed to sell Pandora jewelry on their stores. It is important to note that only authorized and licensed retailers can sell original Pandora jewelry. The company also have more than 900 exclusive Pandora concept stores. These stores and managed by Pandora company without intervention of any third party sellers. In these concept stores more variety and better customer support is given to the customers.

    This was a short story of PANDORA company starting from 1982 to 2014. The logo of company is shown above. The slogan of Pandora is “UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS

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    7 thoughts on “Brief History of Pandora Jewelry

    • Christi says:

      Pandora charms are a wonderful way of representing special people in your life I have just been reunited with the biological niece who I love dearly and she is into Star Wars primarily Darth Vader. At this time I’ve had no success on finding Pandora charm .Star wars Darth Vader. wondering if Pandora has thought about coming out with Star Wars collection. There are a lot of people who would purchase charms

    • Joe Alvarez says:

      Please keep me inform of sale events.

    • Vanessa says:

      Hola soy una aficionada de Pandora y me encantaría poder formar parte de sus tiendas, deje mi curriculum en la boutique del centro comercial garbera en San Sebastián os dejo mi teléfono 617950009 gracias.

      Translation: I am a fan of Pandora and would love to be part of their tents, leave my CV in the boutique shopping center in San Sebastián garbera I leave my phone 617950009 thanks

    • jacqueline gonzales says:

      I made a purchase in the online store in Brazil on 22/05 and so far nothing, 0800 does not answer e-mail either. My order number is 243090, the site consists request in trouble, was more already charged on my card, I await a solution, as are many unhappy consumers to shop online in Brazil. Waiting.

    • Loretta Cothren says:

      i have a question and need someone to contact me please. I recently bought my first bracelet and the person I bought it from was out of the stoppers for the security chain. She sent the stoppers but no instructions. You can either email me or call @ 9033141069. Thank you

    • Kim whalen says:

      I’m just tryin to find out if you all received my return? I haven’t gotten a credit on my account yet. Thanks for any info.
      740 645 3381

    • Margareth Stadelman says:

      Help! I have a Pandora essence bracelet, and it is not holding the pin, and falling off my wrist.
      I no longer have my receipt from where I purchased it
      I hope you
      Can help

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