• Official Online Pandora Jewelry Store for USA Customers is Open Now

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    One of the biggest concern of Pandora jewelry customers was that there was no official online Pandora jewelry store from where they could buy their jewelry without. For the customers of UK there is already an official online store but for USA there was not any. But now, Pandora has launched their website from where people of USA can buy their favorite jewelry with few clicks.

    Here is the link to official online Pandora jewelry store: http://estore-us.pandora.net/

    What Are the Advantages of Online Pandora Jewelry Store?

    There are many advantages of buying stuff from this online store:

    1) With the popularity of Pandora jewelry, many companies are selling jewelry that is not original. People are losing their money and getting Pandora jewelry that is not original. Now, this issue is resolved. You can buy your Pandora charms, beads, bracelets and other stuff with full confidence from this online Pandora shop.

    2) On this new website, you can find almost all products of Pandora jewelry. Now there is no need to search for a specific Pandora charm by visiting local Pandora outlets. Most of the local Pandora retailers don’t have all or enough Pandora jewelry stock. Now this issue is resolved and you can browse and buy the full range of Pandora jewelry products without leaving your home.

    3) Now, you can take full advantage of all official Pandora jewelry deals and promotions by visiting this official online website. There is no need to visit local Pandora stores to take advantage of Pandora jewelry sales and promotions etc.

    4) This official store offer fast shipping options. You can get your jewelry within 1-3 days at your doorstep.

    5) Now you can easily send gifts to your friends and family members through this online store. Just buy the stuff and mention the shipping details of your mother, wife, sister etc. It means your Pandora gift will reach to your loved one even if you are not in your country. That’s a great advantage!

    Pandora online store USA image

    What Payment Options are Available to Buy from Online Pandora Shop?

    Pandora shop accepts Paypal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Pandora gift cards. They have very secure payment processors.

    When Will You Receive Your Ordered Items?

    Free Shipping: For all orders above $100 Pandora offers free shipping. Your stuff will reach in 3 days.

    $6.99 per Order: If your order is of worth less than $100, you will be charged $6.95 for shipping. Your goods with arrive within 3 days.

    $10.95 per Order: If you need express shipping within 2 days, you will be charged $10.95.

    $16.95 per Order: If you want overnight delivery then you will be charged $16.95 for shipping.

    In What Areas of USA the Shipping Option is Available?

    Please note that from official online USA website you can only get your stuff within United States. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico is also available.

    No worldwide or shipping to any other country like Canada, Mexico, and South America etc is available at this time.

    Also within USA, the shipping option to following areas is not available:

    • Guam
    • American Samoa
    • Northern Mariana Islands
    • U.S. Virgin Islands
    • Palau
    • Marshall Islands
    • Micronesia


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