• Pandora Christmas Earrings Starting From $39

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    Pandora has designed and released a great collection of earrings for the occasion of Christmas, 2015. You can select the earrings of your choice that match with your already purchased Pandora Christmas Rings, charms and bracelets etc. The good thing is that you can buy a good pair of earrings at the cost of just $39. If you have more budget then you can, of course, buy more elegant precious earrings too.

    Let’s have a look at some great designs of Pandora Christmas Earrings Sets:

    Pandora Delicate Sentiments Christmas Earrings 2015:

    These delicate earrings are made from .925 sterling silver bow with gemstones like Pearl (fresh water cultured), Cubic Zirconia and Swarovski Crystals etc. You can use these earrings with matching Pandora Bow themed rings for perfect look.

    Pandora Delicate Sentiments Christmas Earrings 2015

    Some of the earrings of this style are:

    Pandora  White Pearl & Silver Stud Earrings:

    Pandora White Pearl & Silver Stud Earrings


    Pandora Classic Elegance Hanging Earrings:

    Pandora Classic Elegance Hanging Earrings

    Pandora Sparkling Leaves Silver Stud Earrings:

    Pandora Sparkling Leaves Silver Stud Earrings

    Pandora Blue Statement Earrings For Christmas 2015:

    Pandora Blue Statement Earrings

    These earrings are made from sterling silver metal with bluish birthstones like Aquamarine, Cubic Zirconia with other stones and crystals. Some of the cool earrings sets include:

    Pandora Aquamarine March Birthstone Earrings:

    Pandora Aquamarine March Birthstone Earrings

    The price of these earrings is $59 AUS. Product code is 290543AQ.

    Pandora Starshine Earring Studs:

    Pandora Starshine Earring Studs

    Price of this pair of earrings is only $39 AUS. Product code is 290597CZ.

    Pandora Art Nouveau Christmas Earring Sets:

    Pandora Art Nouveau Christmas Earring Sets

    These are specially designed earrings that include Pandora stud earrings and Pandora drop earrings. Sterling silver and gold metals are used to make these earrings. Different stones including CZ, Black Pearl, White Pearl etc are used to add glamour and beauty to these earrings.

    There are many jewelries in this theme including:

    • Pandora Sparkling Black Spinel Silver Stud Earrings: Price $79 AUS
    • Pandora Compose Sparkly Silver Hook Earrings: Price $25 AUS
    • Silver Barrels for Earring Pendants: Price $15 AUS
    • Pandora Timeless Elegance Zirconia Earring Studs: Price $79 AUS

    Pandora Signature Look Christmas Earrings Collection:

    These earrings have “PANDORA” signature on them and look really nice when you use them with Pandora geometric rings. These earrings are made from .925 Sterling Silver. Some of earrings that fall into this category are:

    Pandora Sparkling Legacy Zirconia Silver Earrings:

    Pandora Legacy Zirconia Silver Earring

    Price of these earrings is $79 AUS and product code is 290553CZ.

    PANDORA Signature Stud Earrings:

    PANDORA Signature Stud Earrings

    Retail price of this pair in Australia is $69 AUS and code is 290559CZ.

    Pandora Shimmering Feathers Earrings For Christmas 2015:

    These earring feature peacock feathers and are made from .925 Silver and 14K Gold. Some of the products include:

    • Majestic Feathers PANDORA Silver Earring Studs
    • Statement Feathers PANDORA Hanging Earrings
    • Pandora Compose Sparkly Silver Hook Earrings

    See some of these earrings with matching Pandora rings in this image:


    Want to Buy These Earrings Online?

    If you are living in Australia then you can buy these earrings from online Pandora Australia store (estore-au.pandora.net). Australia store is offering free shipping on all orders of $120 AUS or above. If you are living in USA then buy them from online USA Pandora Store (Pandora.net).

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