• Pandora Jewelry Exclusive Hinged Club Charm 2014

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    Pandora has officially announced that they are going to release latest and exclusive Pandora charm called Pandora Club charm. Take a look:

    Pandora Club Charm image


    Here are some main features of this new Pandora charm of 2014:

    • Pandora has dedicated this charm to their loyal club members. That’s why it has got it’s name “Pandora club charm”. This is an exclusive charm in the start of 2014. Many members are guessing that what will be inside the charm when it will be opened. Some suggested star, crown and heart as the basic shape of new charm. Now we will see what really is present inside this hinged charm.
    • This charm is a brand new concept. This is the first Pandora hinged charm that can be opened and closed and you can see another object when it is opened.
    • The base metal of this charm is .925 Sterling Silver.
    • The words “Year 2014” are engraved on this charm to celebrate new year.
    • This Club charm will be available for sale sooner. We will update you about more details like pricing etc, when it will be available for sale in stores.
    • Let’s see how this charm looks with a graceful charm box:

    Pandora Club charm with gift box image

    When This Charm Will Be Available For Sale?

    This exclusive club charm will be available for sale in March 2014.

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