• Pandora Jewelry Store Locations in Puerto Rico

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    Brief Introduction of Puerto Rico:

    Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a territory of United States but is not incorporated area of USA. Puerto Rico consists of many islands. The main island is Puerto Rico island and other noteworthy islands include Mona, Culebra and Vieques islands. The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan city. This territory has Spanish as national language but English is also an official language. The current total population is more than 3.6 millions.

    Pandora Jewelry Store Locations in Puerto Rico

    Pandora Locations in Puerto Rico:

    For serving 3.6 million people of Puerto Rico, Pandora has many authorized jewelry retailers. There are more than 20 licensed Pandora Jewelry Retailers in Puerto Rico. Here are the names of cities where you can find these Pandora stores:

    • Ponce
    • Barceloneta
    • Guaynabo
    • Caguas
    • Hatillo
    • San Juan
    • Anasco
    • Mayaguez
    • Aguada
    • Cidra
    • Naranjito
    • Bayamon

    To find stores in other countries visit Pandora Jewelry Store Locations section.

    Pandora San Juan Store Locations:

    San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and one of the most famous cities of this territory. Currently there are about 6 authorized Pandora retailers in this city. Two of them are Pandora Concept stores, two are shop-in-shop and two are gold level Pandora stores.

    1- The most famous store of San Juan is known as PANDORA Plaza Las Americas. The complete address of this store is 525 Ave Franklin Delano Roosevelt, San Juan, PR, 00918 and their contact number is 787-758-1385.

    The current store hours of this store location are:

    Monday – Saturday: 09:00 AM-09:00 PM
    Sunday: 11:00 AM-07:00 PM

    Here is the image of this Pandora store in Plaza Las Americas:

    Pandora Plaza Las Americas Store location image

    Pandora Store At Plaza Las Americas, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    2- The second famous Pandora retailer in San Juan is called PANDORA Old San Juan and their complete address is 264 Fortaleza Street, San Juan, PR, 00901. You can inquire them about any specific Pandora product or current Pandora jewelry deal etc on this phone number: 787-977-7777.

    3- Another well known shop-in-shop Pandora store location in San Juan is Italics Royale Jewelers and they have a good collection of all famous charms and bracelets etc. They also contain Pandora essence charms collection. Their complete address is Monteheiedra Town Center, San Juan, PR, 926 and you can contact them at: 787-287-4715.

    4- The Blue Diamond Pandora store is another well known shop-in-shop retailer in the area and you can find them at 202 Fortaleza Street, San Juan, PR, 901. To make a phone call you can use this number during their working hours: 787-721-0855.

    5- In Fortaleza area you can find another Gold level Pandora store and their address is 264 Calle Fortaleza San Juan, PR, 00901. Their contact number is 787-977-7777 and you can buy latest and genuine Pandora jewelry stuff from them.

    6- The Portofino Jewelers is another Gold level Pandora outlet in San Juan, PR. Their complete store address is 250 San Francisco Street, Old San Juan, PR, 901 and contact number is 787-723-5113.

    Pandora Jewelry Stores in Bayamon, Puerto Rico:

    1- Bayamon is a famous city of Puerto Rico and is also know as El Pueblo del Chicharrón which was established in 1772. Currently there is one authorized Gold level store in this city and their name is Cuesta Joyeros Pandora store. The complete address is Plaza del Sol C.S. # 1055 Bayamon, Puerto Rico, 00961 and their phone number is (787) 273-7950.

    Authorised Pandora Location in Ponce, PR:

    1- The municipality and city of southern PR is Ponce. This is a well known city of Puerto Rico and has population well over 1.6 millions. At this time there is one exclusive Pandora concept store in this city namely Pandora At Plaza Del Caribe. Their address is 2050 Ponce, PR, 00717. This store is managed by Pandora management team and has a good stock of new and old Pandora charms and other jewelry.

    Pandora Jewelry Barceloneta PR Store Location:

    1- In Barceloneta Puerto Rico area there is currenly 1 authorized Pandora jewelry retailer namely “Rojo’s Collection”. It is a shop-in-shop Pandora store and located at “1 Premium Outlets Boulevard Barceloneta, PR, 00617”. You can contact them during working hours at this phone number: 787-970-3377.

    Pandora Jewelry Vega Baja, PR:

    Store Name: Joyeria Turquesa

    Address: Carr #2 Int. 155 Vega Baja, PR, 00693

    Phone: 787-855-7373

    Store Type: Gold Store

    Pandora Jewelry Vega Alta, PR:

    Store Name: Sparks

    Address: Centro Gran Caribe, Vega Alta, PR, 00692

    Phone: 787.948.6872

    Store Type: Shop-in-shop

    Pandora Jewelry Hatillo, PR:

    Store Name: Joyeria Venecia #2

    Address: Hatillo 136E, Hatillo, PR, 659

    Phone: 787-881-8900

    Store Type: Shop-in-shop

    Pandora Jewelry Dorado, PR:

    Store Name: Vit Jewelry

    Address: Doramar Plaza Barrio Maguayo Carr. 693, Dorado, PR, 00646

    Phone: 787-955-8400

    Store Type: Shop-in-shop

    Pandora Jewelry Naranjito, PR:

    Store Name: Vit Jewelry

    Address: Cedro Arriba, Carr 152 Naranjito, PR, 00719

    Phone: 787-869-8891

    Store Type: Shop-in-shop

    Pandora Jewelry Guaynabo, PR:

    Store Name: Cuesta Joyeros Inc.

    Address: 1363 Local 19 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, 00966

    Phone: 787-273-7950

    Store Type: Shop-in-shop

    Here is another store in this city:

    Store Name: Italics Couture

    Address: Loca C-17 Guaynabo, 00969, Puerto Rico

    Phone: 787-287-4715

    Store Type: Shop-in-shop

    Third store in the same area is:

    Store Name: Italics & Co #2 / San Patricio Plaza

    Address: San Patricio Plaza Suite C-14 Guaynabo, PR, 00968

    Phone: 787-706-7606

    Store Type: Shop-in-shop

    Pandora Jewelry Aibonito, PR:

    Store Name: Joyeria Marrero

    Address: Calle Geronimo Martinez Suite 151 Aibonito, PR, 00705

    Phone: 787-735-8807

    Store Type: Gold Store

    Pandora Jewelry Cidra, PR:

    Store Name: Joyeria Marrero

    Address: 8 Praxedes Santiago Street Cidra, PR, 00739

    Phone: 787-739-6622

    Store Type: Silver Store

    Pandora Jewelry Hato Rey, PR:

    Store Name: E Boutike

    Address: Popular Center Hato Rey, 00971, Puerto Rico

    Phone: 787-777-1222

    Store Type: Gold Store

    In this post we have only discussed few important cities of Puerto Rico and the Pandora locations they have. If you need to know about more locations in other areas and cities of Puerto Rico, please email and ask. For more locations in other states of USA visit Pandora USA Store locations page.

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