• Pandora Jewelry Stores in South Dakota USA

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    One of the sparsely populated states of USA is South Dakota. It’s population is less than 1 million people. Pierre is the capital of State. In this little province Pandora has 11 official branches in different cities including Sioux Falls, Brookings, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Watertown, Mitchell and Pierre. Let’s find exact locations of these stores:

    Pandora South Dakota Store Locations

    Pandora Jewelry Store Location in Pierre, SD, United States:

    Pierre is the capital city of South Dakota. It is also the Hughes County’s county seat. The population of this city is very less, approximately 14,000 people only. For these 14000 people Pandora has opened one store that carries all Pandora jewelries and charms. Here is the address of this store:

    1- Store Name: Riddle’s Jewelry

    Address: 1615 N Harrison, Pierre, SD, 57501, USA

    Phone Number: 605-224-2472

    Store Type: Silver Level Pandora Store

    Distance: 10 miles away

    Pandora Store in Mitchell, SD, United States:

    Mitchell is another very less populated city of South Dakota. It’s population is only 15.5 thousands people. This city is the county seat of Davison County and was established in 1883. In this small city there is one Silver Pandora store available and here is its exact location:

    2- Name: Riddle’s Jewelry

    Address: 2100 Highland Way, Mitchell, SD, 57301, USA

    Phone: 605-996-6025

    Store Type: Silver Store

    Distance: 118 miles from pierre

    Pandora Store in Aberdeen, SD, United States:

    Aberdeen is the 3rd largest city of South Dakota with population over 26,000 people and is located 125 miles in the northeast of Pierre city (capital of SD). One silver level store is present in this city too:

    3- Name: Riddle’s Jewelry

    Address: Lakewood Mall, 3315 6th Ave SE, Aberdeen, SD, 57401, USA

    Phone: 605.225.7877

    Type: Silver Store

    Distance: 122 miles from pierre

    Pandora Stores in Rapid City, SD, USA:

    Rapid City is the 2nd most populated city of South Dakota with population over 70,000 people. There are 2 authorized store locations in this city. Here are the details:

    4- Name of store is Riddle’s Jewelry and is a shop-in-shop store that carries good stock of latest and famous jewelries. The complete address is Rushmore Mall, 2200 North Maple Avenue, Rapid City, SD, 55701. Their phone number is 605-342-8406.

    5- The second store in Rapid city is called Neugebauer’s Fine Jewelry which is a gold level store carrying lots of gold made Pandora charms and jewelries. The exact address is 601 Main Street, Rapid City, SD, 57701. You can contact them at their phone number which is 605-348-4557, during store timings.

    Pandora Watertown, SD, USA Store Location:

    The 5th largest city of South Dakota with population over 21,000 is Watertown city. In this city there is only silver level Pandora jewelry store:

    6- The store name that is present in this city is Riddle’s Jewelry and is a silver level store carrying lots of sterling silver Pandora charms, bracelets, rings and other jewelries. The complete address is Watertown Mall, 1300 9th Avenue SE, Watertown, SD, 57201 and their phone number is 605-882-2200. You can also Contact them on their email address which is store25@riddlesjewelry.com.

    Pandora Store Locations in Brookings, SD, USA:

    This city is present in the Brookings County in SD and has population over 22 thousands people. This city has 2 authorized Pandora stores:

    7- First store is a silver level Pandora store and it’s name is Winks Fine Jewelry. The address of this store is 322 5th Street, Brookings, SD, 57006, USA. You can contact them via phone on this number 605-692-4623.

    8- Second store in this city is called Riddle’s Jewelry and is again a silver level store. Address is 950 22nd Ave S, Brookings, SD, 57006 and phone number is 605-697-5395. You can also contact them on this email address store25@riddlesjewelry.com.

    Pandora Jewelry Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States:

    It is the largest city of state with population over 170,000 people. This big city has 3 famous Pandora jewelry stores. One of these stores is exclusive Pandora concept store while two others are shop-in-shop stores:

    9- First store is Concept store and it’s name is Pandora Empire Mall. The address is 4001 West 41st St. Sioux Falls, SD, 57106 and phone number is 605-271-5590. If you want to see latest charms and more variety of Pandora jewelry then you should visit this concept store in the state. You should always visit this store to get any running Pandora jewelry promotion or deal.

    10- Another Riddle’s Jewelry store is present in this city. But this time it is a shop-in-shop Pandora store having good variety of latest and famous jewelries. Address is 3609 West 41st Street, Sioux Falls, SD, 57106, USA. Their phone number is 605-361-0911 and their email address is store24@riddlesjewelry.com.

    11- Another shop-in-shop Pandora store is present in this city and store name is You’ve Been Framed. Complete address is 182 miles5015 South Western Ave #140, Sioux Falls, SD, 57108, USA. You can contact them over phone using this number 605-361-9229.

    Visit Pandora Jewelry USA Store Locations to get more details about retailers in other USA states.

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