• What Materials Are Used to Make Pandora Jewelry?

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    There are 2 main reasons behind the success and popularity of Pandora jewelry items. These are:

    1) Using high quality genuine materials

    2) Highly Polished, hand finished final products.

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    Every product created by PANDORA is checked for quality and proper finishing by real humans before packing.

    What Types of Materials Are Used in Manufacturing Pandora Jewelry?

    Pandora makes different jewelry products including charms, beads, necklaces, charm bracelets, earrings, watches etc. Most of their products are made from pure silver also called .925 sterling silver. Other products are called two-tone products. It means that both sterling silver and gold are used to make charms and beads etc. In many products diamonds, crystals and other gemstones are also used. Here is the list of all jewelry materials that are currently being used by them in their products:

    Basic Pandora Jewelry Making Metals:

    • .925 Sterling Silver
    • 14K Gold
    • 18K Gold

    Common Natural Gemstones Used in Pandora Jewelry:

    • Quartz
    • Diamond
    • Topaz

    Organic Gemstones in Pandora Products:

    • Pearls
    • Amber

    Common Lab Created Stones:

    • Swarovski Crystals
    • Cubic Zirconia Stones
    • Other Crystals

    More Materials Occasionaly Used in Making Jeweleries:

    • Leather
    • Textile
    • Wood
    • Glass and Murano Glass

    Above mentioned are basic materials, metals and gemstones used to create different types of Pandora jewelry products.

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