• How To Become Pandora Jewelry Franchise or Distributor?

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    Pandora company allows other companies or jewelers partnership with them. You are allowed to become their Franchise or distributor. In this co-operation both companies are financially and legally independent and still do benefit from profit. The profit margin and other costs are estimated during the agreement.

    Become a Pandora Franchise or Distributor

    A Pandora Outlet

    There are basically 5 following steps to become their Franchise or distributor:

    Step 1 – Submit Application to Become Pandora’s Franchise:

    First of all you need to submit your application. To apply you need to contact marketing team of Pandora of your area. For example if you want to open store in USA you need to contact marketing people of USA. To find contact persons of all supported countries go to this link:


    By contacting them you will get full information about initial costs and other requirements to open a store. If you cannot find your area from above link you can send an email to this address:

    Stine Ellehammer (stel@pandora.net)

    Step 2 – Approval or Rejection of Franchise Application:

    After you have submitted your application along with all required information, you application will be processed and either rejected or accepted. If accepted proceed to next step.

    Step 3 – Finding Proper Location For Store:

    After your application is accepted you are required to select a proper place for Pandora store. Pandora recommends to choose a place in center of city near other major brands or famous malls of city. The location should be premium and should be easily accessible by most of people in that area. Pandora team will assist you in this process after doing some research.

    Step 4 – Designing of Pandora Store:

    Pandora company is known for their unique display and decoration of their outlets and stores. There are specific requirements for the store dimension, size, ceiling size, display area, store room and other settings. You will be properly guided for all these requirements. The Pandora team will help and invest with you in this process. They will also provide special uniforms for the sales persons in the shop. Your staff will also be trained by them to properly entertain the customers. They will also brief them about different rules and regulations about warranty, returns and other issues related sales process.

    Step 5 – Opening of Store:

    Usually it takes around 2 months between application approval and opening of store. After store is opened Pandora will provide you stock you need in your shop. There is some minimum stock requirement from them that you must complete. There will be agreement about profit margins. The profit margin usually varies from market to market and you will have to discuss this market team during approval process.

    More Information: If you need more information about this topic, you are advised to visit official site of Pandora jewelry here: http://pandoragroup.com/About-Pandora/Franchising

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    11 thoughts on “How To Become Pandora Jewelry Franchise or Distributor?

    • Julia Klaassen says:

      I wish to be a pandora seller working from home, using the intetnet

    • Marie says:

      Hi I would like to sell pandora charms from home is that possible

    • Yolanda Jordan says:

      How can i sell from my home

      • Shyuenne says:

        Hi, i would like to sell pandora from my home is that possible?

        • Admin says:

          No, You need to become a licensed retailer. You need to apply to get approval. Please send your query to Pandora about per-requistes. I think you must have a physical store.

    • SANDRA SANTEE says:

      Hi my name is Sandra and I msnage a shop for a non-profit organization. We have been in business for 10 years and doing well. We saport an animal rescue , 100 percent of our profit goes to the rescue , if we could get a franchise for Pandora it would bring more people into the store more money for our couse . We have a 501c3 tax exempt

    • Milagros says:

      I would like to sell Pandora from home what do I have to do

    • Valerie Tyson says:

      Hi.. I am interested in becoming an distributor in the Greenville NC, and surrounding areas.

    • miriam zambrana says:

      Hi.. I am interested in becoming an distributor in va i will like to have information if this is possible please
      Thank you.,

    • Cheri says:

      If I already have a domain and would like to become a vendor / distributor for Pandora Charms how and who would I need to contact ? I would really like more information please.

    • Maria cobham says:

      I’m a small card and gift shop owner and would love to sell pandora at the moment I sell Danish collection and joma jewellery also envy I wish to sdd to my collection and was wondering if this is possible?

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