• Pandora Jewelry Valentine’s Day Collection 2014

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    Let’s check out what is Pandora Jewelry Valentine’s Day Collection to use on this Valentine’s day in 2014.

    1) Pandora Be My Valentine Charms Bracelet:

    Pandora Valentine's Day Charm Bracelet

    This great Valentine’s day charm bracelet is made from special red color charms and heart Pandora charms. This is really great way to show your love to your loved one on the occasion of Valentine’s day. This charm bracelet is not currently available in all countries. You need to ask your local Pandora jewelry retailer if they have this bracelet in stock.

    2 – Pandora Love Birds Valentine Charm:
    Pandora loving parrots valentine charm

    This is another love themed Pandora charm, that you may want to use on Valentine’s day. This features two loving birds, parrots, with a dangling heart with words LOVE. It is pure sterling silver charm with retail price of 50 USD. The product code is 791033.

    3- Pandora Key to My Heart Valentine’s Charm:
    Pandora Key to My Heart Valentine's Day Charm Image

    Another favorite of mine is Pandora Valentine’s day Key to My Heart charm. Very symbolic and perfect for this lovely occasion. You should really use it. The sterling silver charm with price of 40 USD is available on all good Pandora retailers. The product code is 790971. You should note down the product codes if you want to buy the very same charm from Pandora outlets easily.

    4- Pandora Romantic Union Two Tone Valentine’s Day Charm:
    Pandora Romantic Union Valentine's Day Charm

    This charm should be used on Valentine’s day when you want to celebrate your love day with your loved one. This Romantic union charm is Two-Tone charm. It is made by sterling silver and 14K Yellow Gold. The retail price of this charm is 90 USD and is available on all Pandora outlets. Product code is 790549D.

    5- Pandora Red Hearts Round Love You Charm:
    Pandora Red Hearts Love You Valentine's Day Charm Image

    This Pandora Valentine’s Day charm is made from oxidized silver with red enameled hearts engraved on it. It is barrel of oval shaped love charm especially made for Valentine’s day. The price of this charm is 55 USD and its code is 790543EN17. These are few of all Valentine’s Day charms and bracelets. To see full variety you must visit your closest Pandora concept store.

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